Accident Investigation

Course Outline

The purpose of the investigation of an aircraft accident or incident is to determine the root cause and contributing factors of an accident or incident in the interest of the promotion of aviation safety, the reduction of the risk of aviation accidents or incidents, and taking steps to control or eliminate the risks to help prevent similar accidents from happening in the future. The purpose of an investigation is not to establish blame or liability. Accident Investigation is the process of finding this information and this course covers the detailed processes involved such as determining the flight path, aircraft performance, human factors, understanding and obtaining evidence from the wreckage / crash site, witness interviewing, and producing the Investigation reports and findings.

Course price: US$480

Module 1 – Introduction

Module 2 – The Investigation Process

Module 3 – Wreckage Investigation

Module 4 – Wreckage Distribution

Module 5 – Other Special Techniques

Module 6 – Witnesses

Module 7 – Engineering Aspects of an Investigation

Module 8 – Operations Investigation

Module 9 – Human Factor Analysis Classification Systems

Module 10 –  10 5m Model Checklist Assessments

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