The Global Network of Companies (GNC) consists of four Professional and Specialized Training Organizations with more than 30 years of experience in High Risk Industries.

Thought Process Aviation Services:  Provides passenger safety videos using the highest quality animations and graphical illustrations to facilitate learning and enhance safety and survival.

Our Learner Management System (LMS) provides our clients with their own LMS environment delivering training courses to staff and clients in an online format, without having to acquire and manage their own LMS platform.  

Cranfield Aviation Training:  Is a South African Civil Aviation Authority accredited Aviation Training Organization, and provides over 80 programs for Flight Crew, Ground Crew and Maintenance Personnel, to students across the globe.  Cranfield also has a world-class Drone / UAV Approved Training Organization with a variety of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) Programs.

International Helideck Organisation (IHO):  The IHO provides the Offshore Industry with several turnkey inspection, safety and training solutions.  It ranges from basic awareness training for offshore pilots to detailed online and competency-based training for all personnel involved with helicopter operations.  These personnel includes (but not limited to): Helicopter Landing Officers (HLOs), Helideck Assistants (HDAs), Fire Guards (FGs), Radio Operators (ROs), Offshore Weather Observers (OWOs) and Flight Dispatchers (FDs).  Another bespoke service the IHO deliver to the Industry, is support for helideck certification and training of competent CAP437 Helideck Inspectors.


N2M Consulting: We explore why people make the choices that they do by investigating the factors that influence their decisions. Through empirical testing and analyses, we help identify optimal training and evaluation techniques that will ensure a greater level of competency. With over 150 peer-reviewed articles, conference proceedings, and technical reports, we have investigated influencing factors across domains such as helicopter pilot training, lifeboat operations, GBA+ analyses, and emergency response performance.

Our behavioral safety and human factor training programs will assist your workforce in understanding human error, mind-state management, complacency, compliance, accident mitigation, situational awareness, communication, risk assessment, decision-making & more.

We work closely with organizations in developing and maintaining strong Company Safety Cultures, and increased productivity, with safer working environments for all.

GNC has aligned with reputable international organizations, & together we offer expertise and resources to deliver “turn-key” solutions for our client base.

Please take a moment to review our online catalogue which provides a wide range of bespoke, online courses for specific High Risk and corporate industries.