Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate

Course Outline

The Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate (AROC) course is divided into 2 Sections to facilitate an effective means of obtaining the required radiotelephone system knowledge & practical skills to use the correct words, phrases & pronunciation to effectively & safely operate in any controlled & uncontrolled airspace.

With the AROC license you will be legally allowed to communicate via VHF air-band radio during your normal course of duties and tasks within the aviation environment.

Successful graduates of the AROC course are awarded and issued with either an Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate which can be used to demonstrate competency in other regions worldwide to attain a local radio operator license.

The AROC has been approved by both the Angolan National Aviation Authority (ANAC) and Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and has been tailored for several industry groups.

Target group: Pilots (aircraft, drones and helicopters), EMS personnel, Loadmasters, Offshore Helideck crews (HLO and Radio Operator), Ramp and Towing personnel.

Course price: US$350 (Includes English Language Proficiency check)


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