Aircraft Refuelling For Pilots & Refuelling Assistants

Course Outline

This training program is designed for pilots, including those that are involved in operations where refuelling is conducted via drums. 

The course will provide guidance on the procedures to ensure safe refuelling practices, and covers all refuelling equipment, equipment checks, PPE, signage, as well as receiving and the storage of fuel. 

Price: US$80

Target GroupPilot operating, or wanting to operate, in a multi-crew environment. 

Duration – 3 Hours or at your own pace.

Module 1 Fuel Handling and Safety

Module 2 Aviation Fuels and Additives

Module 3 Contaminants and Fuel Testing Procedures

Module 4 Procedures for Receiving Fuel

Module 5 Fuel Storage

Module 6 Fuelling Equipment

Module 7 Aircraft Refuelling Procedures

Module 8 Refuelling from Drums

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