Airline Revenue and Yield Management

Course Outline

This course is aimed at candidates wishing to enter or advance in the field of Revenue and Yield management.

After completion of this course the participant will be able to:

Define the terms associated with revenue management.
Explain the process of maximizing revenue and how revenue management can help achieve this.
Describe the role of the Global Distribution System in Revenue management.
Define ways to measure Revenue management success.

Course price: US$160

Module 1 – Introduction and History

Module 2 – Business Benefits

Module 3 – Revenue Management Pricing Strategies

Module 4 – Price and Demand Economics

Module 5 – Market Segmentation and Fencing

Module 6 – Methods

Module 7 – Forecasting

Module 8 – Revenue Management Systems

Module 9 – Group Bookings

Module 10 – Revenue Management – Additional Elements

Module 11 – Human Factors

Module 12 – Conclusion



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