Fuel Tank Safety Training

Course Outline

 Fuel Tank Safety Training (FTS) is a requirement for all personnel involved in Continued Airworthiness Management and Maintenance of Aircraft Fuel Systems. FTS training includes an understanding of in-service maintenance of Fuel Tank Ignition Source, Suppression and Flammability Reduction features. Nitrogen Inerting Systems and safety precautions.

This course applies to Aircraft, Engine and Component Maintenance, and personnel directly involved in maintenance, maintenance planning and the development of procedures. FST training should be carried out before any maintenance task is commenced on aircraft or components.

Course price: US$80


Module 1 – Fuel Tank Safety

Module 2 – CDCCL Compliance ( Ref MOE 2.24.11)

Module 3 – The Behaviour of Fuel and Air Mixtures

Module 4 – FAA Advisory Circular AC 25.981-2A 

Module 5 – EWIS

Module 6 – Maintenance Practices: Protection & Caution Recommendations (Part1) 

Module 7 – SFAR 88 & EWIS Related AD’s 


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