AVSEC – Aviation Security Awareness RPL (Drones)

Course Outline (South Africa)

The aim of this course is to ensure that you are familiar with reporting and dealing with security-related incidents as per your Operations Manual and Part 101.4. of SACAA CAR’s.
As well as to provide you with a good explanation of general aviation security, this course will provide you with guidelines on how to deal with possible interference, a breach in data link security, and security matters relating to carriage of hazardous payloads.

Price: US$80

Target GroupRPL Pilots and Personnel Operating with RPAS

Duration1 Day

Module 1 – Introduction, Aims & Objectives, Legislation & Terminologies 

Module 2 – Prevention and Protection  

Module 3 – RPAS Security Threats 

Module 4 – Prohibited Items and Explosives 

Module 5 – Post Holder Responsibilities and Personal Security 

Module 6 – Security Checks 

Module 7 – Emergency Procedures & Case Studies 

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