Bridge Resource Management (BRM)

Course Outline

Bridge resource management or BRM was adopted by the maritime industry as a safety and error management tool and has now become an integral part of crew’s training. BRM makes use of all available resources including equipment and information and human resources to achieve safe operation.

BRM plays an important role in environments where human error can have devastating effects. It has proven to be an important tool for improving safety in the maritime industry and thus prevent the recurrence of incidents. It can thus help to support a safer and more efficient execution of operations by blending technical skills and human skills. BRM can be termed as the effective management and utilisation of all resources, human and technical, available to the bridge team, to ensure the safe completion of the vessel’s voyage. Important BRM elements include: Communication, Decision-making, Situational Awareness, Teamwork, Managing Workload, Fatigue and Stress.

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