Command Upgrade

Course Outline

This training program will provide you with the required knowledge expected of those who aspire to command.  Most individuals who have got into ‘bother’ of one sort or another in the past have usually done so not because of a lack of handling skill, but because of poor or incomplete knowledge or a failure to apply that knowledge to best advantage. 

It is critical that commanders know what is in their company operations manuals and are aware of the location of information for subsequent referral and use. This will take effort. However, this theoretical training course will provide the knowledge, strategies, procedures, and approaches that Captains require to effectively command a flight and its crew. 

Price: US$120

Target Group – Pilots preparing for their Command Upgrade

Duration – 18 Hours or at your own pace.

Module 1 Introduction to Command Upgrade Training

Module 2 Definitions and Abbreviations

Module 3 Captain’s Responsibilities

Module 4 Operation Manuals (OM)

Module 5 Communication and Decision Making

Module 6 Flight Management and Flight Deck Management

Module 7 Flight Planning Considerations

Module 8 Documentation and Reports

Module 9 Flight Procedures

Module 10 Emergency Equipment and Safety Precautions

Module 11 Abnormal and Emergency Situations

Module 12 Failure Management

Module 13 Aircraft Performance – Regulations and Operating Minima

Module 14 Medical

Module 15 Dangerous Goods

Module 16 New People, New Challenges

Module 17 New Situations

Module 18 Conclusion

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