Communicable Disease Awareness Training  

Course Outline

This Communicable Diseases course is designed to assist Employers in the preparation for a communicable disease outbreak, epidemic or pandemic.

The training program will help you understand the signs & symptoms of communicable or infectious diseases (with the focus on COVID-19, but including ten other common communicable diseases, such as Malaria, Ebola, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, etc.)

The course also covers the procedures to follow, & considerations in implementing a Communicable Disease Outbreak Response Plan for the Coronavirus COVID-19, in the event of a business or community outbreak.

Seven key Checklists for immediate implementation are available as downloads in the last module of the course.

Price: US$70

Target GroupAll Management, Staff, and Cleaning personnel.

Duration4 Hours 

Module 1 – Introduction

Module 2Understanding Communicable Diseases

Module 3COVID- 19 Transmission, Prevention and Symptoms

Module 4Community Preparedness

Module 5Interim Guidance for Employers (COVID-19 Outbreak)

Module 6Procedures for Management, Staff, and Cleaning Personnel

Module 7Disinfectants, Decontamination, & Precautions

Module 8Equipment, Documents and Checklists

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