Compressed Air

Course Outline

Compressed air stores energy at high pressure and therefore it must be handled with care. Improper use can lead to serious injury and even death. A strong blast of air can dislodge an eye socket or rupture an eardrum, and air blown into the mouth can cause oesophagus or lung damage. 

This program identifies the risks and safe work practices that should be followed when handling, transporting, securing, and storing compressed cylinders.

Price: US$30

Target Group – Personnel Dealing with Compressed Air Systems and Equipment

Duration – 30 Minutes

Module 1 Introduction

Module 2 Compressed Air Safety Risks

Module 3 Air Compressors and Receivers

Module 4 PPE when handling Compressed Air

Module 5 Labels and Safety Data Sheets

Module 6 Transporting, Placing and Securing Cylinders

Module 7 Hook ups, Leaks and Storage

Module 8 Compressed Air Safety Cautions and Special Precautions

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