Safety Management Systems Introduction

Course Outline

This course covers ICAO’s core principles of Consumer Protection in Aviation. Along with the continuing liberalisation of air transport regulation, the protection, and improvement of airline passenger rights has gained greater importance. ICAO developed guidance material in such areas as conditions of carriage, fare guarantee, baggage, tariff disclosure, denied boarding, consumer protection, and code sharing. 

These topics are all covered in ICAO Doc 9587 (The Economic Regulation of International Air Transport). Note: Consumer protection is just one aspect of the guidance material in ICAO Doc 9587. 


Price: US$30

Target GroupCheck-in and passenger services personnel, and those involved in company policies relating to no-shows, refunds, overbooking, and revenue and yield management. 

Duration – 45 Minutes or at your own pace.

Module 1 Introduction to Consumer Protection in Aviation

Module 2 Consumer Protection Legislation and Consumer Rights

Module 3 ICAO’s Core Principles of Consumer Protection

Module 4 Flight Delays, Ticket Restrictions, and Overbooking

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