Crew Resource Management (CRM)  – Initial

Course Outline

CRM (Crew Resource Management), is a training program designed for Pilots and Cabin Crew to provide a thorough understanding of the causes and impact of Human error on performance and safety.

It provides crew with a deeper understanding of human behavior and the tools to improve communication, decision-making, mind-state management, compliance, assertiveness and a range of other skills required to reduce error and adequately manage the multitude of threats that accompany flight operations.

Price: US$130

CRM Initial Training Introduction

Module 1 – Personality Behaviour

Module 2 – Communication Coordination

Module 3 – Managing Workload Fatigue Stress

Module 4 – Decision Making

Module 5 – Situational Awareness

Module 6 – Culture Leadership and Teamwork

Module 7 – Threat and Error Management

Module 8 – Technical Factors

Module 9 – Summary Close


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