Crew Resource Management (CRM)  – Refresher

Course Outline

CRM is the study of human error in air disasters. The Cranfield CRM Refresher course reviews the primary CRM principles, but also add new skills, concepts and perspectives each year. CRM Volume 22 again focusses on the threats that are evident as a result of the global Covid-19 Pandemic and it’s effect on Aviation personnel, and specifically Flight Crew.

Price: US$90

Module 1 – Introduction and CRM Review

Module 2 – Operating Procedures

Module 3 – Cockpit Interruptions and Distractions

Module 4 – Managing Startle Response

Module 5 – Informed Decision-making

Module 6 – Resilience and Optimism

Module 7 – Mind-Body Control and Pain Management

Module 8 – Aircraft Accidents during the Pandemic

CRM Vol 22 Downloadable Handouts


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