Dangerous Goods Awareness – Group C

Course Outline

Important note: Different States may have an approved variation in their national aviation regulations pertaining to the need for competency based training on-the-job (i.e. practical training and assessment), to be completed after this theoretical program.   This is usually based on the type and size of operation.  💥 Learners are to ensure that they comply with Local / State regulations in this regard. 

Price: US$110

Target GroupThis IATA Dangerous Goods Awareness Training course is designed to meet the theoretical training requirements for flight crew and flight operations staff.

Duration – 3 Hours or at your own pace.

Module 1 Introduction

Module 2 DG Downloadable Handouts

Module 3 General Philosophy

Module 4 Classes of Dangerous Goods

Module 5 DG Case Study: ValuJet DC-9 Everglades

Module 6 Applicability

Module 7 DG Case Studies 1

Module 8 Limitations

Module 9 List of Dangerous Goods Blue Pages

Module 10 Marking and Labeling

Module 11 Hazard and Handling Labels Chart

Module 12 Storage and Loading Procedures

Module 13 Provision of Information to Pilot-in-Command (NOTOC)

Module 14 Emergency Response Procedures for Flight Crew

Module 15 DG Case Studies Collection

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