EDTO – Extend Diversion Time Operations

Course Outline

Extended Diversion Time Operations (EDTO) training is essential for any aviation company looking to conduct EDTO operations. EDTO allows aircraft to operate past the 60-minute diversion threshold over oceanic or land masses where additional time is required to divert en-route to a suitable aerodrome. 

Previously named Extended-range Twin Operations (ETOPS), EDTO allows for twin airliners to conduct Ultra Long Range (ULR) operations reducing fuel burn and maintenance costs of a four-engine aircraft.

The course is designed for pilots and highlights the knowledge and procedures required to operate on EDTO routes. Once complete, pilots will understand the process required to plan and conduct EDTO flights.

Price: US$70

Target GroupPilots / Flight Deck Crew and Flight Operations Personnel

Duration – 2 Hours or at your own pace.

Module 1 Introduction EDTO

Module 2 EDTO Area of Operation Determination

Module 3 EDTO – Flight Planning

Module 4 EDTO Flight Planning Continued

Module 5 EDTO In-flight Considerations

Module 6 EDTO Training Programme

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