Course Outline

This course covers applicable 14 CFR part 25 aircraft (although it is also widely acceptable for use with other types of aircraft succahs military, small airplanes, and rotorcraft). 

This job aid addresses policy; industry EWIS practices; primary factors associated with EWIS degradation; information on TC/STC data package requirements; EWIS selection and protection; routing, splicing and termination practices; and EWIS maintenance concepts (including how to perform a EWIS general visual inspection). 

Course price: US$100

Course Overview


Module 1 –  EWIS System

Module 2  EWIS Degradation Factors

Module 3 – Current FAA Guidelines

Module 4 – Electrical Load Determination

Module 5 – EWIS Standards 

Assessment 1

Module 6 – EWIS Maintenance Standards

Module 7 – EWIS Separation

Module 8 – EWIS Inspection Types

Module 9 – EWIS Diagrams

Assessment 2



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