Emergency Worker–Level 1

Course Outline

Target Audience:

Level 1 Emergency Worker Level 1 (EmW-1) are targeted at: first responders directly involved in the initial activities on site, during the accident, across all sectors (industrial, nuclear, Level 1 EmWs should be trained in general radiation protection and have a basic, broad understanding of radiological risks, and in detection of radioactivity and radiation research, medical, etc.)

Program Overview:

At the end of the workshop, learners will be able to respond to emergencies in a quick, safe and responsible manner, in accordance to agreed plans and in line with Emergency Response established policies, standards and procedures, to ensure that best Radiation Protection practices are maintained.

Program Outline

At the end of the Training Program, the learner will be able to:

Provide Emergency Response services to the organization. Respond to emergencies in a quick, safe, and responsible manner to save and preserve life

  • Execute actions to deal with emergency situations as directed and work effectively as an integral part of a disciplined team
  • Instigate protective measures to safeguard the life of personnel and members of the public from hazards
  • Collaborate with others to treat and evacuate injured persons from immediate danger
  • Liaise with other agencies to maintain safety at the scene and resolve the emergency
  • Protect the environment from the effects of radioactive materials
  • Mitigate actual and potential damage to the environment from radioactive materials
  • Carry out decontamination procedures of people and assets (facilities) including decontamination of emergency response workers, their clothing, and any equipment, including PPE they may be using
  • Collaborate with others to safely dispose of radioactive materials
  • Support other individuals and other agencies involved in radioactive materials incidents
  • Administer radiation measurements • Perform radiation measurements during incident
  • Select the appropriate instrument/technique for the radiation field
  • Check the status and functioning of the instrumentation
  • Measure radiation fields and samples according to applicable standards and procedures
  • Record and report dosimetric data
  • Record measurements of radiation fields according to applicable standards and procedures
  • Store and report dosimetric data in accordance with FANR Regulations
  • Facilitate support on the operational response to the organization
  • Facilitate and provide practical guidance and support on emergency management for the organization
  • Collaborate with the organization’s management to implement emergency response arrangements in accordance with the concept of As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA)
  • Collaborate with others to test and conduct routine maintenance on internal resources e.g. appliances and equipment, PPE
  • Facilitate support on emergency management readiness and response to the organization’s management
  • Support the development of colleagues to help develop skills and competence


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