Excavation & Trenching

Course Outline

This course is designed for personnel involved in excavation and trenching activities, and provides extensive knowledge on the hazards involved in these activities, as well as safe procedures to follow to protect all personnel and any visitors to the area.

The course covers all aspects of safety in excavation and trenching, including the equipment, signage, barricades, soil analysis, entry and exit, and inspection. 

Price: US$45

Target Group – Construction and Mining Personnel 

Duration – 90 Minutes

Module 1 Terms used in Excavation and Trenching

Module 2 Hazards associated with Excavation

Module 3 PTW requirements for Excavation

Module 4 Control measures to overcome the Hazards

Module 5 Soil Classification and Angle of Repose

Module 6 Construction of Excavations

Module 7 Earth Moving Equipment and Safety

Module 8 Types of Barricades

Module 9 Supervisor Responsibilities, Backfilling, and Excavation Inspection

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