Foreign Object Debris / Damage (FOD)

Course Outline

This course is designed for all people working airside, in and around fixed wing and rotor wing aircraft to understand the sources, nature, procedures, equipment & potential consequences of FOD.

Considering the number of accidents around the world, including the demise of the concord, as well as the number of serious incidents, all ground, and air crews, airport and maintenance personnel, should complete this course, and limit the risk of any further FOD induced disasters.

Price: US$80

Target GroupAll persons working airside or in and around aircraft both fixed and rotor wing operations

Duration3 Hours

Module 1 – Introduction

Module 2 – FOD Fundamentals

Module 3 – Damages Caused by FOD

Module 4 – FOD Migration

Module 5 – FOD Risk Mitigation

Module 6Responsibilities

Module 7 – What’s at Stake – A flight Crew Perspective

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