Fundamentals of Aviation

Course Outline

This course has been developed to provide insight into the Aviation Industry for newcomers and as an induction program for those starting with an air Operator. It will provide leaners with a broad understanding of many aspects of the aviation industry, and specifically aims to increase the knowledge of aircraft, Airspaces, Airports and Flight rules, to bridge the knowledge gap between flight crew and ground crews, in every aspect of an Air Operation or Airport facility.

The program includes Aerodynamic, Airspaces and ATC, Aircraft Familiarization, Meteorology and Met Reports, factors affecting the success of an Air Service and more. It will provide learners with an understanding of air law and aircraft maintenance.

All personnel working in aviation should have some understanding of these aspects, so as to better understand their responsibilities & roles in the success of the company they work for, some of the key issues facing the senior & middle management or decision makers & also to be more active in the safety aspects of this high risk environment.

This training program / Induction course will provide all Aviation personnel with a thorough understanding of the industry, opportunities, safety concerns, hazards, success factors & many more vital components.

Price: US$100

Target Group – Induction Program for Aviation Personnel / Any person wishing to enter the Aviation Industry in any Discipline

Duration2 Days

Module 1 – Introduction & Aviation Terminology

Module 2 – Aviation Applications

Module 3 – The Structure of Aviation Regulations and Authorities

Module 4 – Basic Aerodynamics

Module 5 –  Aircraft Familiarization and Aircraft Types (Fixed Wing & Helicopters)

Module 6 – Flight Operations and Flight Rules

Module 7 – Airspaces and Air Traffic Control

Module 8 – Aviation Economics

Module 9 – Career paths in Aviation

Module 10 – Other Aspects

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