Helicopter Ditching & Survival Training Program (HDSTP) – Advanced

Course Outline – Theory Only

The Helicopter Ditching & Survival Training Program (HDSTP) provides detailed information ranging from governmental and industry aviation standards to specific survival techniques associated with a helicopter ditching event. The HDSTP was developed by leading experts in aviation safety, training, and competency assessment.

The program is a must for anyone who flies over water and meets or exceeds the industry standard requirements for ditching theory. As part of a blending learning program, you will be required to demonstrate your ability to prepare for a ditching, egress from a capsized helicopter underwater egress simulator using breath-hold and an emergency breathing system, and surface survival techniques at a recognized practical training provider after completing this online program.

Price: US$425

Target Group – All Personnel /Crew Travelling by Helicopter to Off-shore Oil & Gas Platforms

Duration – At own pace

Module 1 – HDSTP Introduction and Overview

Module 2 – Regulations and Industry Standards

Module 3 – Primary Risk Controls

Module 4 – Crashworthiness and Protective Equipment

Module 5 – Heliport Administration and Passenger Movements

Module 6 – Events leading to the Ditching

Module 7 – Ditching Statistics

Module 8 – Ditching as a Process

Module 9 – Personal Life-saving Equipment

Module 10 – EGRESS

Module 11 – The Four Phases of Cold-water Emersion

Module 12 – Search and Rescue

Module 13 – The Provision of appropriate care

Module 14 – Offshore Accident Report 1 – Example of Controlled Ditching

Module 15 – Offshore Accident Report 2 – Example of Auto-rotation to Ditching

Module 16 – Offshore Accident Report 3 – Example of Controlled to Uncontrolled Ditching

Module 17 – Offshore Accident Report 4 – Example of Catastrophic Mechanical Failure

Module 18 – Reading List and Resources

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