Hostile Environment Awareness Training

Course Outline

A Hostile Environment is defined as: A country, region or specified area subject to war, insurrection, civil unrest, terrorism or extreme levels of crime, banditry or lawlessness, public disorder or areas with extreme climatic conditions or terrain & natural disasters such as volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.

Any person living or working in such an environment would be well prepared to understand the skills & knowledge to ensure their own safety & that of their family or colleagues. This Theory course is based on the delivery of that vital information.

Price: US$100

Target Group – Personnel Stationed in, or Deployed to, Hostile Environments

Duration – 2 Days

Module 1 – Introduction to HEAT

Module 2 – Threat Identification

Module 3 – Personal Security

Module 4 – Hotel Security

Module 5 – Managing Risk, Stress & Conflict

Module 6 – Surveillance Detection

Module 7 – Anti-hijacking Awareness

Module 8 – Hostage Negotiation

Module 9 – Hostage Survival

Module 10 – Ballistic, Knife Injuries & Shock

Module 11 – Grab Bag

Module 12 – Natural Disasters

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