Human Factors for Ground Crew

Course Outline

Human Factor Training is a program designed for Aviation Industry Personnel to provide a thorough understanding of the causes and impact of human error on performance and flight safety.

Human Factors training provides ground crew with the knowledge and tools to improve communication, decision-making, mind-state management, compliance, assertiveness and a range of other skills required to reduce error and adequately manage the multitude of threats that accompany aviation and flight operations.

Course price: US$110


Module 1 – Introduction

Module 2 – Module 2 – Error Management

Module 3 – Human Performance & Limitations

Module 4 – Decision-Making

Module 5 – Social Psychology

Module 6 – Factors Affecting Performance

Module 7 – The Physical Environment

Module 8 – Communication

Module 9 – Hazards in the Workplace & Emergency Response

Module 10 – Trigger Mechanisms

Module 11 – The Dirty Dozen

Module 12 – Accountability & Consequences of an Accident

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