Human Trafficking Prevention

Course Outline

This course aims to provide insight, knowledge and guidelines for flight crew and ground crew in the fight against the rising danger of Human Trafficking in aviation and is aligned with the IATA Guidelines on Human Trafficking in Aviation.

Course price: US$80

Module 1 – Introduction.

Module 2 – Elements of Human Trafficking.

Module 3 – The Difference between Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling.

Module 4 – Types of Trafficking Activities

Assessment 1

Module 5 – The Role of the State Regulators.

Module 6 – Data Collection.

Module 7 – Human Trafficking and Aviation.

Module 8 – Preventing Trafficking Activities.

Assessment 2

Module 9 – Identifying Trafficking Activities: Key Indicators of Trafficking in Persons.

Module 10 – Cabin Crew: Detection & Reporting Procedures.

Module 11 – Statistics, Key Trafficking Routes ​& Victim Stories.

Module 12 – Summary.

Assessment 3

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