Low Visibility Operations (LVO)

Course Outline

Low Visibility Operations (LVO) are the procedures applied at an aerodrome for the purpose of ensuring safe operations during lower than standard category I approaches, such as standard category II, and category III approaches, and low visibility take-offs.

This LVO Training Program will familiarize Flight Crew with Operator and Aerodrome Procedures applicable in these conditions.

Price: US$100

Target GroupLVO (Low Visibility Operations)

Duration – 1 Days

Module 1 – Definitions 

Module 2 – Minima’s 

Module 3 – ATC duties during a CAT III Approach 

Module 4 – Ground Equipment Required for the ILS 

Module 5 – Obstacle Clearance Criteria 

Module 6 – Airborne ILS Equipment 

Module 7 – Weather related aspects  

Module 8 – CAT II/III Briefing 

Module 9 – Limitations 

Module 10 – Seat Position 

Module 11 – Flying the CAT III Approach 

Module 12 – Low Visibility take-off 

Module 13 – Training requirements 

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