LZO – Landing Zone Officer

Course Outline

This Landing Zone Officer (LZO) training program is designed to educate any Personnel assisting pilots in the selection of a landing zone, Landing Zone set-up, helicopter preparation including refueling, fuel inspection, passenger briefings and cargo sling hook-up procedures.

This course is designed to provide such personnel with a deeper understanding of safety around helicopters and the procedures to follow when assisting flight crew with the loading and offloading / disembarking of passengers from a Helicopter.

Price: US$140


Module 1 – Introduction, Regulations Abbreviations and Definitions

Module 2 – Safety Around Helicopters

Module 3 – Types of Landing Zones

Module 4 – Landing Zone Configuration and Specifications

Module 5 – Site Inspection

Module 6 – Landing Zone Equipment

Module 7 – Landing Zone Officer Duties and Responsibilities

Module 8 – Landing Zone Management Communication

Module 9 – External Cargo Sling Operations

Module 10 – Pre-Flight Preparation

Module 11 – Helicopter Types


Module Complete


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