MARPOL Annex IV Sewage Pollution Prevention

Course Outline

The aim of this program is to provide some knowledge and insight into Annex IV Sewage Pollution Prevention of the MARPOL convention.

Price: US$110

Target GroupMarpol Engineers

Duration – 1 Day


Chapter 1 – General

Chapter 2 – Survey and Certification

Chapter 3 – Equipment and Control of Discharge

Chapter 4 – Reception Facilities for the Transfer of Sewage

Chapter 5 – Port State Control

Chapter 6 – Verification of Compliance with the Provisions of this Annex

Chapter 7 – International Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters

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Course Outline

This Heliport Design and Inspection training program has been developed in accordance of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Annex 14, Aerodromes, Part II, Heliports.


Chapter 1. General                                                                                  Chapter 2. Heliport data                                                                        Chapter 3. Physical characteristics                                                      Chapter  4. Obstacle environment                                                        Chapter 5. Visual aids

Means of Delivery: This Program consists of 3 Levels: A) Online with assessments, B) Instructor-Lead Session by Subject Matter Expert and C) Remote / Virtual practical assessment.

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Price 1: US$1,500 / Participant (Online Only)

Price: US$3,000 / Participant (Onsite with Instructor)