MCC – Multi Crew Coordination

Course Outline

This MCC (Multi-Crew Coordination) course is designed for pilots who want to operate in a multi-crew aircraft ensuring both the pilot-in-command and co-pilot can operate effectively. You will gain important team skills needed to work effectively on a modern-day flight deck.

It has been created to train pilots to the highest level of proficiency in a multi-crew environment so that the pilot can safely operate multi-pilot, multi-engine aeroplanes under the IFR.  

Note: This course covers the theoretical component of MCC training in preparation for practical simulator training. 

Price: US$200

Target GroupPilot operating, or wanting to operate, in a multi-crew environment. 

Duration – 15 Hours or at your own pace.

Module 1 CRM Principles

Module 2 General Procedures

Module 3 Pre-flight

Module 4 Departure

Module 5 Cruise

Module 6 Arrival

Module 7 After Flight

Module 8 Abnormal and Emergency Procedures

Module 9 Safe Operating Practices

Module 10 Profiles

Module 11 Downloadable Sample Checklists

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