Minimum Equipment List (MEL)

Course Outline

The Minimum Equipment List (MEL) program is designed to assist Airline / Air Operator Personnel, with a thorough understanding of an MEL, the contents, purpose, functioning, application, & approval of an MEL.

This program also serves as a refresher for Pilots & Engineers, in the use of an MEL.

Price: US$70

Target Group – Airline / Air Operator Personnel Needing to understand an MEL

Duration – 1 Day



Chapter One – Introduction

Chapter Two – The Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL)

Chapter Three – The Minimum Equipment List (MEL)

Chapter Four – The MEL Format

Chapter Five – Interpreting the MEL

Chapter Six – MEL use in Service

Assessment 1

Chapter Seven – MEL Item Interval Extension Program

Chapter Eight – MEL Training

Chapter Nine – Appendices

 Assessment 2

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