Offshore Helicopter Incident Management

Course Outline

This Offshore Helicopter Incident Management (OHIM) Training Program will provide offshore personnel with a brief introduction to the Bow-Tie methodology and highlight the components of this unique tool to effectively manage a top event that may occur.  It will provide a detailed overview of all the significant threats and consequences that are generated from an Offshore Helicopter Incident. All the associated barriers / controls and escalation factors  for each threat and consequence will be analysed.

On completion of the OHIM Program, the Duty Holder will have access to a detailed operational audit checklist to review that the facility has adequate barriers / controls in place to minimise the potential for an incident or accident and also to effectively manage a serious event that may occur during offshore helicopter operations.

Furthermore, It will provide the Duty Holder with an opportunity for to review and update the Emergency Response Plan (ERP), Facility Maintenance Program and the Helideck Operations Manual (HOM).

It will also require liaison with the Helicopter Operator to ensure that their Operational Manuals address some of the high risk areas identified in the  OHIM process.

Price: US$225

Target Group – All Offshore Installation Managers (OIMs), Emergency Response Program (ERP) Coordinators / Planners, HSE / Safety Officers, Radio Operators & Helideck Crews.

Duration – 5 Day Blended Training (Online with Instructor-Lead sessions)

Module 1 – The Bow-Tie Methodology Structure

Module 2 – Managing Risks in Offshore Helicopter Operations

Module 3A – Offshore Helicopter Incident Bow-Tie (Introduction)

Module 3B – Offshore Helicopter Incident Bow-Tie (Threats)

Module 3C – Offshore Helicopter Incident Bow-Tie (Consequences)

Module 4 – Offshore Helicopter Incident Operational Audit (Very detailed audit template provided)

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