Offshore Lifting and Hoisting Safety Awareness Training

Course Outline

This course is designed to enable a significant reduction in lifting incidents among IOGP Member Companies and associated contractors by highlighting the essential principles of safe lifting and encouraging their strict application to lifting and hoisting operations.

Secondly, this report aims to assist those responsible in planning, managing, and controlling lifting and hoisting operations by providing high level principles and operative questions to check safety and technical compliance at working sites.

Course price: US$75

Target Group All personnel involved in lifting and hoisting operations, including (but not limited to):
1. Site manager
2. Site lifting competent person
3. Approved Competent Person
4. Person in Charge (PIC)
5. Appliance Operator
6. Rigger/Slinger
7. Banksman/Signaller
8. Lifting Equipment Inspector
9. Rigging Loft Controller

Duration – 4 Hours

Module 1 – Ten Principles for Lifting

Module 2 – Lift Categorization

Module 3 – Roles and Responsibilities

Module 4 – Lift planning

Module 5 – Specific High-risk Lifting Considerations

Module 6 – Equipment

Module 7 – Leading Lifting Operations

Final Assessment – Certification