Offshore Refuelling Competency-Based Training Program – Recurrent

Course Outline

Aim – The aim of the Helicopter Refuelling Training is to equip the learner with the initial knowledge, understanding and skills required to operate and maintain helicopter fuelling systems safely and effectively.

Objectives – The Offshore Helicopter Refuelling Competency-Based Training Program will ensure that learners will be able to:
(a) Understand helicopter refuelling regulations, guidelines and documentation and relevant roles and responsibilities.
(b) Understand the properties of, and understand and perform operational requirements for transport, handling, sampling, and storage of aviation turbine fuel.
(c) Understand helicopter fuelling system design and maintenance.
(d) Perform operational requirements for helicopter fuelling system setup and operation
(e) Understand and perform pre and post helicopter refuelling operations
(f) Understand and perform helicopter refuelling operations

Outcomes – The Offshore Helicopter Refuelling Competency-Based Training Program comprises the following Modules and Outcomes:
Outcome 1 – Regulations and Guidelines
Outcome 2 – Roles and Responsibilities
Outcome 3 – Properties, Transport and Handling
Outcome 4 – Sampling and Storage
Outcome 5 – Sampling and Storage (Practical)
Outcome 6 – Helicopter fuelling system purpose and design
Outcome 7 – Helicopter fuelling system maintenance
Outcome 8 – System Setup and Operation
Outcome 9 – Pre-Refuelling Procedures
Outcome 10 – Refuelling and Post refuelling Procedures
Outcome 11 – Helicopter Refuelling and post refuelling procedures

Price: US$425 / Person – Recurrent (Online Only).

Note: If helideck crews require an initial Offshore Helicopter Refuelling Competency, please see details on the Catalogue for this course. The initial training program consists of 3 levels of training and assessments: 1)Online, 2) Instructor-Lead via MS Teams and 3) Onsite – Offshore workplace development and training program on actual equipment.

  (Group discounts are available) 

Target Group – All personnel involved in Helicopter Refuelling Operations

Delivery Methods – Online, Instructor-Lead and Onsite Workplace Training 

Module 1: Helicopter Refuelling Regulations, Guidelines and Documentation.

Module 2A – Aviation Turbine Fuel (Theory)

Module 2B – Aviation Turbine Fuel (Practical)

Module 3 – Helicopter Fueling System Design and Maintenance

Module 4 – Helicopter Fuelling System Setup and Operation (Practical)

Module 5A – Helicopter Refueling Operations (Theory)

Module 5B – Helicopter Refueling Operations (Practical)

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: This course is an awareness training program only and only covers the theoretical component.  For the participant to be competent and to receive an unrestricted certificate, practical training has to be done by GNC on the actual platform or through an approved and registered training organization.

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