Offshore Weather Observer

Endorsed by the

International Helideck Organisation (IHO)

Course Outline

The aim of this course is to equip the Offshore Weather Observer (OWO) with both the knowledge (theory) and skills (practical) to understand the significant impact weather has on helicopter performance and offshore safety.

The course is delivered in a blended-format and includes an online (self-paced) and instructor-lead component. This will be delivered over a 3-week period and the trainee will have to successfully complete all the assessments presented throughout the course and offshore.

The course also have a tailored practical section that will outline the impact certain environmental and operational factors have on helicopter performance.  It will also highlight some of the benefits of the new Helideck Monitoring System (HMS) and how to effectively use the system to enhance safety.

On successful completion of the course the trainee will be issued with an Offshore Weather Observer (OWO) Certificate. 

Price: US$575.00 (Initial) and US$275 (Recurrent)


Target Group – All Personnel involved in Offshore Weather Observer duties

Chapter 1 – Atmosphere

Chapter 2 – Heat and Temperature

Chapter 3 – Water Vapour

Chapter 4 – Earth Atmosphere Heat Imbalances

Chapter 5 – Atmospheric Pressure and Altimetry

Chapter 6 – Weather Charts

Chapter 7 – Wind

Chapter 8 – Global Circulations and Jet Streams

Chapter 9 – Local Winds

Chapter 10 – AFW Cyclone Model

Chapter 11 – Vertical Motion & Cloud Formation

Chapter 12 – Atmospheric Stability

Chapter 13 – Clouds

Chapter 14 – Precipitation

Chapter 15 – Adverse Wind

Chapter 16 – Weather, Visibility Obstructions, Low Ceiling & Mountain Obscuration

Chapter 17 – Turbulence

Chapter 18 – Icing

Chapter 19 – Thunderstorms

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: This course is an awareness training program only and only covers the theoretical component.  For the participant to be competent and to receive an unrestricted certificate, practical training has to be done by GNC on the actual platform or through an approved and registered training organization.

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