Brownout and Whiteout Training for Global Helicopter Pilots

Course Outline

In aviation, a brownout (or brown-out) is an in-flight visibility restriction due to dust or sand in the air, and whiteout is the same effect caused by snow.  In either condition, the pilot cannot see nearby objects which provide the outside visual references necessary to control the aircraft near the ground. This can cause spatial disorientation and loss of situational awareness leading to an accident.

This course provides pilots and dispatchers with the knowledge and understanding of the conditions and how to mitigate the risks involved.

Course price: US$65

Module 1 – Introduction

Module 2 – Physiological and Perceptual Limitations

Module 3 – Brown Out Conditions

Module 4 – White Out Conditions 

Module 5 – Landing, Overshoot and Recovery Techniques

Module 6 – Prevention, Technology, and Training 

Module 7 – Brownout Accident Case Studies 

Module 8 – Whiteout Accident Case Studies 


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