Radiation Protection Officer – Level 2

Course Outline


People who deal with Radiation Safety issues on a daily basis or are required to be a Radiation Protection Officer with responsibility for a range of radiation sources, sealed or unsealed or ionizing radiation devices.

The range of devices may include X-ray devices, industrial gauges or equipment, sealed and unsealed radiation sources, radiation equipment in the laboratory, Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material and storage of radioactive materials.

The range of responsibilities may include writing radiation protection and safety program, risk assessment, transport and storage of radioactive materials, radiation safety training and supervision of staff, purchase, selection and calibration of instrumentation and equipment.

The industries from which people attend are varied from emergency services, regulators, universities, hospitals, research institutions, factories, oil & petroleum, construction, non-destructive testing, and defense. Assumed knowledge of math and science.

Course Content:
1. Awareness of Radiation Protection in the UAE
2. Basics of Radiation
3. Characteristics of Ionizing Radiation
4. Radiation Units & Measurement Terminology
5. Biological Effects of Radiation Exposure
6. Radiation Dose Limits & Dosimeter
7. Radiation Monitoring Surveys
9. FANR Licensing Procedure
10. Radiation Protection Program (Section D)
11. Radiation Monitoring Devices
12. Roentgen 1895-2019
13. Medical & Industrial Radiation Sources
14. Contamination Control & Limits
15. Airborne Contamination & Internal Dosimetry
16. Posting for Radiation & Radioactive Materials
17. Radiation Measurement Techniques
18. Worker & Management Responsibilities
19. Design & Safety Assessment
20. Hazardous Materials & Classification
21. Radioactive Waste Management
22. Environmental Monitoring & Protection
23. Purchasing, Receipt & Disposal of Radiation Sources
24. Transportation of Radioactive Materials
25. Radiological Emergency Planning & Response
26. Radiation Protection in Aviation & Industry

Industries & Fields:
All Medical and Non-Medical industries using or handling any kind of radioactive material or radioactivity.

Price: US$1,150

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