RPL Theory Full Course (7 Day)

Course Outline

The RPL Theory Training Program (Approved by the SACAA) will equip students with the theoretical knowledge required to complete a UAV / Drone Pilot’s License. Since regulations in respect of Drone Pilot Licenses vary substantially in different countries, this program has been aligned to EASA standards, and the most comprehensive theory program as per current world-wide Civil Aviation Regulations.

Note: On completion of this Theoretical Course, students are required to undergo Practical Training and skills testing on practical flying skills.

Price: US$600

Target Group – RPAS Pilots

Duration – 7 Days (Including Radio and English Proficiency Test)

Module 1 – Air Law

Module 2 – Aerodynamics

Module 3 – Construction and Parts

Module 4 – Batteries

Module 5 – Aerial Systems

Module 6 – RPL CRM / UAV Human Factors

Module 7 – Meteorology

Module 8 – Navigation

Module 9 – Airmanship and Site Assessment

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