Wildlife Hazard Management at Airports

Course Outline

This Aerodrome Wildlife Hazard Management training program was developed for aerodrome operators and Aerodrome personnel based on the fact that birds and other wildlife are a serious hazard to aircraft. The program outlines what can and should be done to address this hazard and implement a successful WHMP (Wildlife Hazard Management plan).

The course is aligned with ICAO Doc 9137 – Airport Services Manual – Part 3 – 5th Edition 2020.

The course will provide information on:

Organizational structures that may effectively manage wildlife hazard control.
The evolution of the wildlife hazard.
Examples of significant wildlife strikes.
Why do wildlife hazards occur at an aerodrome?
The roles and responsibilities of stakeholders involved in wildlife hazard control.
Modifications are to be carried out at an aerodrome to remove the features which attract wildlife.
Wildlife Hazard Reporting and Data Collection.

    Course price: US$100


    Module 1 – Introduction and Glossary

    Module 2 – Stakeholders

    Module 3 – Aerodrome Wildlife Safety Risk Assessment

    Module 4 – Habitat Management

    Assessment 1

    Module 5 – Management of Hazardous Wildlife

    Module 6 – Advancements in Technology

    Module 7 – Training

    Module 8 – Operational Notifications

    Module 9 – WHMP – Wildlife Hazard Management Program

    Assessment 2

    Module 10 – Course Summary and Close

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