Behavioral Safety and Human Factors for O&G

CAP437 Helideck Inspection Training - Level 1

CAP437 Helideck Inspection Training - Levels 2&3

Helicopter Ditching & Survival Training Program (HDSTP)

Helicopter Operations Initial Training (HOITS)

Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) Awareness Training

Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

Offshore Helicopter Incident Management (OHIM)

Advanced Instructor - Offshore Survival Training Program

Offshore Weather Observer (OWO) Training Program

IOGP 690 Competency-Based Training Program

Offshore Refuelling Competency-Based Training Program - Recurrent

Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate AROC - Offshore

Brownout and Whiteout Training for Global Helicopter Pilots

Offshore Refuelling Competency-Based Training Program - Initial

Helideck Emergency Response Team Member - HERTM Theory

Helideck Emergency Response Team Leader - HERTL Theory

Helideck Dispatch Training

Offshore Lifting and Hoisting Safety Awareness

Helicopter Emergency Rescue - Onshore Safety & Survival (HER-OSS)

ICAO Heliport Design and Inspection Competency-Based Training Program

Offshore Helicopter Dangerous Goods Awareness

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