Airborne Collision Avoidance Systems (ACAS)

Aviation Security (AVSEC) - Flight Crew***

Aviation Security (AVSEC) - Ground Crews***

Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT)

Crew Resource Management - Refresher

Dangerous Goods Awareness - Group C

Ditching & Survival Training (Fixed Wing)

Drug and Alcohol Management Plan - Engineers

Drug and Alcohol Management Plan - Pilots

Emergency Response Plan (ERP)

Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS)

Fire Fighting Theory (Flight Crew)***

Foreign Object Debris / Damage (FOD)

Fundamentals of Aviation

Initial Flight Attendant Training - Theory***

Low Visibility Operations (LVO)

Minimum Equipment List (MEL)

Performance Based Navigation (PBN)***

Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM)

Aviation Flight Safety Officer (AFSO)

Human Factors for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AMEs)

Safety & Emergency Procedures (Flight Deck)

Volcanic Ash Avoidance

Optimum Use of Weather Radar

Helicopter Emergency Rescue - Onshore Safety & Survival (HER-OSS)

IOGP 690 Competency-Based Training Program

ICAO Heliport Design and Inspection Competency-Based Training Program

Offshore Refuelling Competency-Based Training Program

AME - Fuel Tank Safety Training

Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate (AROC)

Human Factors for Ground Crew (HFGC)

Wildlife Hazard Management at Airports (WHMP)

Human Trafficking Prevention

Brownout and Whiteout (BOWO) Training for Global Helicopter Pilots

Cold Weather Operations

AME - Heat Stress Prevention

AME - Working in Poor Lighting

Electrical Wiring Interconnect System

Quality Assurance in Aviation

Flight Data Monitoring (FDM)

Airline Revenue and Yield Management

Accident Investigation

Aviation Medicine Theory

Crew Resource Management Initial

Helideck Dispatch Training

Landing Zone Officer

Cabin Crew Type Rating Theory ATR 42/72

Cabin Crew Type Rating Theory B737-200

Cabin Crew Type Rating Theory EMB 120

Cabin Crew Type Rating Theory EMB 135/145

Command Upgrade

Extended Diversions Time Operations

Electronic Flight Bag

Electro Static Discharge In Aviation

MCC - Multi-Crew Coordination

Aircraft Refuelling for Pilots & Refuelling Assistants

SMS - Safety Management Systems Introduction

SMS - Safety Management System Initial Training

Consumer Protection In Aviation

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